Tuesday, 18 June 2013

CardMaking With The Girlies - June 2013

Hello everyone,

It has been a very long time since I came and posted anything.

Here are some of the cards the girlies made yesterday with the lovely Mary, she has been a star helping out Rosemary by covering classes for both Rosemary and myself.

Pleased to say we are both now 'on the mend',  I am still struggling with my very stiff and awkward wrist - it didn't really help yesterday trying out a class straight after a gruelling physio session!  Has to be done though if I ever want to get going again!

Back to the class -  the cards were Cage Cards, lots of measuring and cutting very straightforward really. the trickiest part was hanging the dangling whatever image across the top of the cage.  It would have been good to be an octopus for that bit!!

Here are some of the finished cards :

This is mine.







I had to take Sally's picture in situ. it was still drying.
Good pic of Mum in the background, haha, hers wasn't finished she was having trouble with the thread and the fiddly hanging bit - bless.

I have three cards for Rosemary and I think these are they.... what we all want to know Rosemary is how on earth did you manage to make THREE ???   She is so speedy.

Didn't see Sue's finished card or Joan's - Sharon was not a happy bunny - I blame the glue!!

All for now folks, be back soon.  Thank you for looking xx

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