Saturday, 12 September 2015

Accordion Card

Another Accordion Card using DieSire Accordion Round Die and a freebie stamp from Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine.

Hope you like it!
All for today.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

CardMaking With The Girlies - June 2013

Hello everyone,

It has been a very long time since I came and posted anything.

Here are some of the cards the girlies made yesterday with the lovely Mary, she has been a star helping out Rosemary by covering classes for both Rosemary and myself.

Pleased to say we are both now 'on the mend',  I am still struggling with my very stiff and awkward wrist - it didn't really help yesterday trying out a class straight after a gruelling physio session!  Has to be done though if I ever want to get going again!

Back to the class -  the cards were Cage Cards, lots of measuring and cutting very straightforward really. the trickiest part was hanging the dangling whatever image across the top of the cage.  It would have been good to be an octopus for that bit!!

Here are some of the finished cards :

This is mine.







I had to take Sally's picture in situ. it was still drying.
Good pic of Mum in the background, haha, hers wasn't finished she was having trouble with the thread and the fiddly hanging bit - bless.

I have three cards for Rosemary and I think these are they.... what we all want to know Rosemary is how on earth did you manage to make THREE ???   She is so speedy.

Didn't see Sue's finished card or Joan's - Sharon was not a happy bunny - I blame the glue!!

All for now folks, be back soon.  Thank you for looking xx

Sunday, 24 March 2013

March card making with the girlies.

Hello All

Time for a very overdue catchup.

Today it will be a very short post with just a few photos of what we have been up to.

I am up the creek with a broken right arm and a cracked right wrist - dominant hand.  As you can imagine I am not a happy bunny.

on the with photos.

We made bird houses, with me.  Flower Pot cards with Sally, and Quilling with Mary.

I will be back later with quilling cards, haven't downloaded them from camera yet, not sure i can do it one handed, i usually take out my card from camera and load them that way, too fiddly me thinks,  will come back.

I hope you like this selection, the flowers on the top of the pot, pulls out as a tag for your message.  They are such fun .

xxx   all for now   xxx

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Card Making With The Girlies February 2013

Back with another post of the girlies at The Wateringhole .
This week it was my turn and we were making Birdhouses.
These can be used as gift boxes fill them up with goodies. Some ideas that came forward were for Valentines gifts filled with chocolates.  Easter fill with chocolate eggs. Fill with cotton wool balls for the dressing table.  I have mine in the spare bedroom waiting for my new craft room, then my idea is to fill them with flowers as a storage solution. A pink birdhouse for pink flowers, a blue one for blue flowers etc etc.

These two are my samples.

Girlies concentrating!  No time to chat - could hear a pin drop at this point.

Lots of snipping.

Tricky to assemble.

Finished Birdhouses ....

Sharon's, lovely colour!
 Joan's -  embellishing hers later at home.   Julia's  (spotty).

Julia's at a  different angle, it is so pretty.  I love the ridge on this one in the spotty paper and the heart on the back really great ideas.

Anitta's lovely.

Rosemary's love the choice of papers.

Mum's,  tarting up at home (her words not mine).  The card has a very delicate pattern.

Sally's -  lots of clever punching on the roof and the leaves on the front.

Sharon's - a different angle to show the lovely papers.  Complete with ribbon to hang it up.

Gallery of them all...

Another just for luck.

They have all taken on their own personality - I just think they are fab.

Well done girlies, it is quite challenging to get them finished in the time, there is plenty to do to complete.  From cutting out the templates, transferring to card, cutting out, assembling,  most importantly fitting in a coffee/tea/biscuit/ chat half way through.  You do need to be an octopus at times especially when putting the pieces together.

That is it from me for now,  missed you Sue and Jacky, see you next time.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Cardmaking With The Girlies 2013

Happy New Year !

I am back with a post of our first Class at The Watering Hole 2013.

It was  brilliant meeting up with everyone after all the festivities, catching up with all their news.

Mary our new lady had an amazing class lined up, I think I can say on behalf of each of us it was great!

The card is very clever, it is assembled first, then decorated, the clever part is that it lays flat for posting!

I was so busy getting 'stuck in' I didn't get to take any photos until they were finished.  We were all still tinkering right up to the end.

These are called Cube Cards.  Most girlies chose a Japanese theme, it does lend itself to any occasion.

The first row are Mary's examples except the red one which if I remember correctly is Rosemary's.

The second row : 1) another of Mary's examples. 2) My attempt at black and white, not yet finished. 3) Sharon's.

Third row:  1)  Sally's, 2)  Rosemary's (behind) 3)  Joan's. 4) Julia's

Sue was finishing hers at home,  Anitta where was your card?  I am not sure what happened there!  Let me know if I have it wrong and I will amend.

Jacky GET WELL SOON sending hugs, missed you again xxx

Mum was not up to it this week, feeling groggy on antibiotics, knocked her for six.  The good news is she is on the mend.

Be back again soon.  Thank you for looking.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Few of This Years Cards

Here are a few of the cards I have made this year.

Spirelli on Marianne Anja Creatables:

 Marianne Village & Anja frames
 Judikins stamps :
 Tri-boss embossing folder with Marianne Village
 Digi stamp  - Wee stamps.

Sarah Kay- fancy fold.

Just a few to share.

All from me today x