Wednesday, 8 August 2012

August Card Making With The Girlies

Today I am sharing lots of pics from our all day card making bonanza. 

Our morning session was taken up with making A Tea Light Gift Box/Card.

I posted this one a few weeks ago, I used a Saturated Canary digi stamp and  used lime green  - something completely different for me. 

The card making day was based around a Christmas Theme. 
Just loved the way these have all turned out!  They are all so different.

Firstly, some pictures of  'The Girlies'  beavering away. 

Here is Mum and Rosemary, concentrating really hard.   Mum did manage to put one of the inside pieces of paper upside down, we soon rectified that with another piece the right way up to conceal.  Although, as you can imagine Mum was not best pleased, to say the least!   These two were in fits of giggles later, sadly my camera was not at hand!  I would have loved to have snapped that!

Here we have Sally, Julia and Pat such talented girlies!

Anitta and Sue.
Anitta was very quiet, she had a horrible headache.  I am sure this weather is responsible for the way we are feeling - we had a torrential downpour, a cloudburst not long after this was taken, day almost turned to night!  
Sue I know had a lovely time.

Sorry Sharon - you are not getting away! 
Just to say don't let me near your efforts again!  I put you back at least 30 minutes and I was only trying to help  - honest! 
 Not confessing to my blunder on here in anymore detail!

Jackie made it too! 
Better late,  than  never and managed to catch up AND overtake us after lunch finishing first with the second card!!

Time for Elevenses - Lovely Lemon Drizzle Cake and Mini Cakes from Sharon, tasty !!

These are some of  the wonderful cards.

Sally - Anitta - Julia's above.

Inside of Sharon's
Sharon's  - love that birdcage!

Sally had a two  fab ideas  - she covered hers with a napkin such a lovely texture and put acetate inside her box to keep everything in place - stealing those ideas!!

Inside of Sally's

Below is Rosemary's Card, I love the colour combination and paper design - so fresh.

Inside of Rosemary's
Outside of Rosemary's
Inside of Julia's

Last but not at all  least is Sue's Card - How lovely, her husband I am told is most impressed, praise indeed!!

The inside of Sue's Card - just ribbon to finish off, what a fantastic effort!

Well that is all from me from me now. 
I hope you have enjoyed looking though, as much as we enjoyed our day! 
There may be some more to come , Sally will mail me over some pictures she has taken if  she has some I don't.

Very lastly a  few of the afternoon cards - I left before the session was done, had to get back for Daisy!  Did not want to leave her all day - she misses me ahhh!

If I have got cards and names in a muddle, please let me know and I will make the changes.  Hopefully I have it ok?

p.s. For those who don't know Daisy is my dog.

Toodle Pip!

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