Monday, 18 June 2012

Card Making With The Girlies

Today we met up and had a play with the Sarah Kay stamps.

We were making a 'Magic Card'.

Gosh what a lot of concentration!

Measuring, cutting at this point not a lot of chatting.   Too busy getting it right.

Still hard at it!

Julia was the first to finish.

Anitta's card.

Beautiful backing papers.

Fanny's Cuddle stamp.

No time to colour or embellish.

Sharon's Card

Also Fanny's Cuddle.

Love that sparkly paper!

Rosemary's Card

Sofia's Wish

More fabulous backing papers.

Anitta's on the left,  Sue's on the right.

Fanny's Cuddle.

Well I have to say they all look brilliant, well done girlies!

Some got away - camera shy I think.

Just found a close up of Julia's.

This one is 'Time for apple pie'

Just love that bonnet!

Jacky where was your card?  How did you manage to escape ? 

All for today, back again soon.


  1. Scary photo's! Lovely cards though. You make a good teacher :0)

  2. Great card and teacher. What's next Julie!